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Living Peaceably with One Another

Road Rage One of the ways I have been earning money for living and school down here in Dallas is as a swimming pool cleaner. It is the Dallas equivalent to window cleaning in Chicago, I think. I have the same driving route week to week, which means that I know the construction patters and scheduled lane closures. This puts me in a position where I often must decide what to do with the people who either see the lane closure late or purposely prefer to fly down the side of the road aiming to ‘cut in line.’ My instinct—and yours too, don’t lie!—is to lock the other car out and look straight ahead like it isn’t clearly and obviously purposeful. This is a dangerous instinct.
Last year, not far from my own driving route, two drivers gave into that instinct and instead of being peaceful drivers, became driven by their tempers. The situation escalated to the point where both drivers pulled over for a face to face confrontation. The first driver opened his door, yelled some very creative things …